Category: Haphazard Happenings

One minute, I’m laying on the floor picking things out of the carpet with a short passing comment about “really being able to go for some pudding right now”… and the next minute, Marta’s throwing a coat on me, pulling me out the door, and driving me all over town to find the perfect box of pudding mix.  “After all…” she said, “it’s National Pancake day!”

Thankfully, “all over town” this time was less than a mile… and only 2 stores (the first being a gas station. Who’s idea was that??)

Even more thankfully, “some pudding” turned into a delicious blend of the most sugary delicious ingredients possible: a chocolate pudding sundae topped with whipped topping, peanut-butter crumbles, strawberries and chocolate chips. It’s a good thing we did a workout video today.

I’m laying on the floor again, but this time I’m slowly slipping into a sugar-induced coma. No more picking things out of the carpet. Too much


1) Panera cinnamon roll that is as big as my head and a hot cup of Joe for breakfast. DeeeeLicious.PLUM2G

2) Gas for UNDER $3.00!


3) Found this picture on my phone from last week. Pretty magical, if you ask me:


4) Dinner with my most lovely roommate – – Chicken and Noodles… from scratch!

(((I was going to put a picture of it up here, but it looks kind of gross in pictures, so instead, I have posted a fun picture of a baby pig wearing boots. Oddly enough, this also makes me smile. Enjoy)))


5) I read a very large passage in this book this afternoon. Reminded me of the best reason to smile ever.

You can get it on for 75 cents. It may be the best 75 cents you’ll ever spend.


And those were only 5 of the reasons I was smiling today. What about you?

Please, don’t lick the computer screen. This one is all mine.