Poor Charlie. One day he’s on a well-respected schedule, and the next he’s packed into a giant flying machine. Each time he got into a deep sleep, something interrupted his slumber: a PA announcement, turbulence, or his mother, who had the audacity to hand his sleeping body to Dad so she could get up.

Poor Charlie. More than 24 hours of traveling and only five 2-hour naps could be managed.
Despite his lack of sleep, Charles made friends and gain admirers everywhere we went. He is happy when he’s sleep deprived. I can’t say the same for myself.

Poor Charlie’s parents. By the time we arrived at our final destination in Manila, Charlie was WIRED and wanted everybody to know it.

I begin today with 9 hours of sleep total since Tuesday morning. (Not complaining, just saying) I hope people didn’t notice my slurred speech or unfocused eyes as I clung to morning coffee and faced the day.

We spent our first morning in Manila exploring Gary’s old digs and catching up with friendly faces at Faith Academy. Gary got a kick out of looking over electrical panels and rehashing old stories with people he hasn’t seen in over a decade. I enjoyed getting to see the playground that Gary’s dad helped design, touring the school Gary grew up attending, watching Gary barter for a taxi and meeting lots of new people.

Also, we ate a mango so Gary’s day has officially been made.

Charles is asleep. Finally.

And so soon shall I be.

Sleep, baby, sleep!