Happy 19 weeks and 1 day to Little Man Charlie!

Our Little Man is the size of an Heirloom Tomato (that’s 6 inches from “crown to rump”), and we are 6 days from the half way mark! His hair is growing, and his brain is learning how to smell, taste, see, hear, and touch.

We have an active little athlete in there. He is especially rambunctious after I eat pasta, so I’m guessing we have another carb lover in the family. (Score one for me!) Gary got to feel him kick this week.  It was so fun to watch Gary’s face change in amazement as he got his first fist-bump from his son.

Since Charlie can hear me talking, I have started reading and telling him stories while I wait for Gary to get home from work. He is particularly fond of his “Little Cloud” book from Aunt Grace.

I was told today that I “officially look pregnant” (um… thanks?) I have had 3 strangers this week ask if I was “expecting” (I wanted to ask “expecting what?” but decided to answer with an enthusiastic “yes!”) and I’ve only had 2 people reach out to touch my belly without asking. (I have heard this only gets worse).

And… before you ask, I’m feeling great 🙂