It didn’t take me long to find the value in YouTube. If I couldn’t understand complicated online knitting instructions, all I had to do was pull up a video of the “Kitchener” stitch (for example) and learn it in slow motion. I’ve surfed the “Tube” for recipe ideas, things exploding in slow motion, movie trailers, and even demonstrative videos on how to execute a proper hug.


But now, I have learned something new: YouTube now fixes everything, too!

Ok, so maybe I should rephrase: My husband + YouTube fixes everything.


Lawn Mower not working? YouTube.

Got a leaky faucet? Youtube.

Want to fix the breaks on the car? Youtube.

Is your dryer on fire? YouTube.


I admit, when I see or hear my husband watching a YouTube video, my heart skips a beat and I get that nervous/excited feeling that you get at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. What’s it going to be this time?  What kind of amazing thing is he going to fix now?

Today’s project?

“How to fix the air conditioning in your car”


YouTube, I love you.


Gary, I love you more 🙂      <—- I may love YouTube, but this one is my favorite 🙂