That’s how Gary describes my hours of working on our new house.

I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing… 🙂

Exactly 8 days ago, I became a homeowner for the very first time.

I think I expected my first few days as a homeowner to be filled with peace and joy over the new abode with which I would be sheltered for the coming years.  Instead, I became immensely aware of the monstrous responsibility that has been laid on the shoulders of my very capable fiancé and I. We probably would have started work on our new house right away, but after having only owned the home for 10 hours, we promptly locked ourselves out (to force us to focus on other things… obviously).  There we stood, on our very own front porch – perfectly unable to enter the home we had bought just hours before. Talk about humility. Don’t worry- we learned our lesson. A couple days later a locksmith came around to unlock our house. We made half a dozen keys, fixed our garage door opener, and installed a keypad. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t lock ourselves out again even if we wanted to. (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud)

Anyway – since gaining reentry to our home, I’ve occupied almost every free moment with trimming rose bushes, pulling weeds from our walk, stripping wallpaper, and prepping walls for drywall finishing. My forearms hurt – and I’m not sure I thought that was possible before. I’m trying not to worry – not to allow the greatness of this task overwhelm me.


As if prepping a house wasn’t a big enough task, we also have a wedding planned for exactly a month from today. That’s ok, I have all the details ironed out completely. (ha ha, yeah right).  I just have to remember that checking things off the list one at a time is progress.  Again, trying not to worry or stress. It’ll get done.


Trying to trust Jesus.

Trying to trust Gary.


The wonderful thing is, even if the house is not in perfect condition and the wedding has a few glitches… at the end of the day – exactly one month from today – Gary and I will be married and we will live on Fritz Road, in the house that we own. (I think I giggle like a giddy little girl every time I say that).