Well, it’s March.

In the weeks since my last post, I’ve sprung forward, endured a blizzard, lost a roommate / sister to Australia (temporarily, I hope), met a nephew, recovered from a head cold, purchased bridesmaids dresses, cheered a Norwegian rookie through the Iditarod (he scored 7th place. Not too shabby, Joar. (click on his name to see a pic) Clearly all my good looks come from the Norwegian side), created and addressed 100 invitations, planned a budget with my favorite Mr. Perry, read 1/2 of a book on marriage, and took many many naps.

Quite frankly, with the wedding mostly planned, and another 67 days to go, we’re kind of “over” the whole wedding planning thing… and have begun a new endeavour: to find a house.

I’ll be honest, I underestimated the emotional stress that is involved in this process. Not only am I learning SO much more about what Gary and I are each looking for and expecting in a house, but each time we see one that I really like, I’m fighting the impulse to “fall in love” with it and begin planning my life around it. I’m learning SO much about myself… and so much about this man… and loving it 🙂  While his key phrase used to be “most square footage per dollar”, he’s learning that I would certainly appreciate things like a kitchen and a bathroom to be finished and ready to use by May 26th. Thanks for understanding, and being patient and gracious with me, Gary.  I’ve only had two dreams about buying a house so far… and only one of them involved a Mongolian semi-truck driver.

While we haven’t been inside any of the prospect houses (that is happening on Wednesday), we’ve driven past numerous dwellings, walked around others, and even peered into some windows (only one of the homes was occupied. Woopsie).

We’ve been across the board in our search: big vs small, move-in-ready vs fixer-upper, expensive vs cheap, country vs town (we’ve avoided sub-divisions at all costs), basement vs no basement. We’re becoming fantastic at figuring out floor plans based on a handful of pictures online.  In the photos, we’re looking for hardwood floors, big trees, and spacious rooms.  In descriptions, we’re encouraged by phrases like “unfinished by DRY basement” and “attached garage”.  We’re quickly learning to turn and run when we see the words “not attached to city sewer” or “septic not on file with board of health”. I suppose that should probably have been intuitive.

Trying not to worry.

Trying not to fret.

Trying not too over analyze.

Trying not to under analyze.

Very much learning to trust Jesus in a new way with this process.  Jesus: we trust you.


**So, funny thing. Spell Check does not like the word “Iditarod” and would rather I use the word “Parodist”. Sorry, but a person who is known for creating a parody is a far cry from the Last Great Race on Earth… obviously.**

***Also, happy 200 posts! If I was a more committed blogger, I would have probably reached this landmark months ago. Sorry about that.**