I would like to begin this post with a short letter to my brother:

Dear Carter,

Don’t worry – your comments about my blog focus shift have not gone unheard. I do acknowledge that I have been much less funny now that I am planning a wedding. Though I try not to talk about my pending marital status change ALL the time (even though it is taking place just over 7.5 million seconds!) I fear that it does manage to sneak into many (if not all) of my conversations and/or blog posts. For that, though I am not sorry, I acknowledge and appreciate your feedback… and can assure you that I will stop talking about wedding plans in approximately 2104 hours (give or take). In an effort to make some peace between us, Carter dear, I was going to write a warning before writing anything wedding / Gary related (so that you could avert your eyes, if you so desired) but I realized that would leave very little else for you to read on my blog. Don’t worry – You only have to deal with my engaged-ness for 87 more days. Then I’ll be married and I’ll move into a whole new world of blogging – recipes, decorating and cleaning tips. I bet you’re so excited you could bust! I know I am 🙂 Believe me: You’ll understand one of these days – and I’ll have fun pretending to be grossed out… while actually being thrilled to pieces for you.

Love from your older (though much less taller) sister,




Now, with that bit of business out of the way: I have three matters to address this evening:

1) Today, while paroozing through my blog “stats”, I discovered that there have been 64 random strangers on my blog in the past week… lured by the words “baby eating cake”. If you are one of those victims who went to Google in search of pictures of “Baby eating cake” and magically stumbled across my page, I bid thee welcome. Sorry it’s a disappointment that I am not a baby eating cake (though I would love to be), and I’m not entirely certain how your search led you here, but I hope you stick around for a few delicious minutes anyway.

2) (CARTER : THIS – – > is one of those times you can avert your eyes if you like.) Yesterday marked 1 year with my favorite Gary 🙂 That’s right – 366 days since I worked up the nerve to send out the fateful text that led to a coffee date at Arby’s and a new start at a relationship with my main (and only) squeeze. Each month has been recognized and celebrated – and each month has been cherished and remembered. I’m so thankful that I now get to start counting years – instead of months – with this man! I’m more happy than a baby eating cake!

3) It’s also been one year in the apartment! That’s right – It’s been just over a YEAR since Marta and I took up residence in the Fort Wayne Campus. We’ve completed our lease, and are excited for the fun changes that this next year is going to bring. We have loved living in Apt 2B – in the big city 🙂 – and are so thankful that we were not robbed or murdered once! We may even make an emergency run to Meijer for some cake!

And that’s all for tonight! Happy Tuesday, dear readers!

Happy dreams, be safe, and Eat Cake!