I had my first stressful wedding dream last night. It wasn’t stressful on the scale of Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride (after all, I’m not marring a self-centered king-of-the-world who is planning to kill me… and I didn’t end the dream with an ugly warted lady yelling mean names in my face). It wasn’t even like a classic stressful dream: I wasn’t lost or running late, I was fully dressed, I had perfect balance and was not in any physical danger. It wasn’t really all that bad… maybe just a little strange.

Let me try my best to piece it together for you. (You know dreams, sometimes the details become a little fuzzy).

The scene opens at our wedding rehearsal. Though it’s still a day until the wedding, we decided it was time to put on our finery and run it as a dress rehearsal of sorts. So there we are: standing in all our wedding clothing in the sanctuary. (I was wearing my wedding dress, but… in an effort to keep Gary from seeing the actual dress, I was draped in blue tulle. ) (Gary, I realize you don’t know what blue tulle is. Please click HERE to see a picture of some). Gary, of course, was Mr. Studly himself in his new suit (which we picked up on Monday).

Half of the wedding party was there: my two bridesmaids had just come from the store where they had purchased their dresses. The dresses weren’t my favorite. My best explanation would be: LOTS of fabric up top with a mini-skirt on the bottom. I’m not sure why the groomsmen weren’t there: it didn’t really come up.

Apparently, the church we’ve reserved for our wedding was not going to be available until the actual wedding day, so we held the rehearsal at a different church with a different pastor (not sure why Brad wasn’t there… maybe a marathon?) All I really remember about the stage was that there were lots of steps and every five minutes or so, we moved. Up the stairs, down the stairs. Spin in a circle. Side step. Basically: my dress got wrapped around my feet and I was having trouble walking. Also, the blue tulle kept getting caught on furniture. Bummer.

The most stressful part of the dream were the 300 random people who kept coming in to watch our rehearsal. I kept turning around trying to tell them to go away because it was actually just practice (which is why the pastor kept just saying “bla bla bla” instead of actually talking). At one point, I looked at Gary and said “there aren’t even going to be this many people at the actual WEDDING!” He just smiled and kept listening to the pastor. What a man.  I, on the other hand, became more and more stressed – walking up and down, pulling back up the tulle, trying to get the bridesmaids to put on something more decent…


I woke up – exhausted, but with a giddy smile on my face. The reality is, in 100 days, I’m getting married. While my immediate plans do not involve walking around a stage for an hour, tripping over my dress and pulling up tulle in front of perfect strangers… I would totally do it, if it meant that, at the end of it, I’ll still be Mrs. Gary Stauffer.

I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great. 🙂

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