Dear World,

Despite the my tragic sounding voice, constantly dripping nose, the blood shot eyes, the repetitive sneezes and the persistent cough, I do (in fact) not have the plague. I don’t even feel that bad. I may not even be sick.

My poor nose is taking the brunt of it. I’ve blown my nose enough times in the past 2 days to leave a nice pink chapped ring on my top lip. Drat and double drat.

I just wanted to inform you, dear world, that I am using a lot of hand sanitizer and washing my hands often. I am attempting not to breathe on you, and I’m coughing into the crook of my arm (as is proper delivery, says my nurse sister / roommate / awesome-o-extrodinaire) and I only sneeze when a tissue is at hand and ready to catch what is cast loose. I will not hug you, if you prefer, though I don’t think it will really do any harm. When I do blow my nose, I use a tissue that has already been folded in half so as to provide the best possible barrier between my nose and hand… and (once finished) the tissue is properly disposed of and my hands are washed.

I’m not a walking and talking plague carrier.

I’m simply a person who loves you and promises to do everything possible to not make you sick.

Affectionately yours,


best thing ever