Well, folks, it’s that time again: time to start thinking about voting!
No, this is not about to be an in-depth look at Paula’s opinion of all potential candidates. (for which you should all be grateful) (in order to get that, you’ll have to sit me down and buy me at least one coffee)

I just wanted to share with you one bit of exciting life-update news: I am now registered to vote in (_This was removed to prevent people from attempting to steal my identity and/or send the paparazzi to my house because my blog is so popular these days__) County!  Though I have resided here for a little over 7 months, the change is finally (via new license and new attitude) official.. and this time I did not almost get arrested!

“What? Arrested???”, you may ask.

For the answer, I’m going to need to backtrack 4 years – to the last Presidential election. At that time, I was residing in (__this has also been removed for the same reason as the one above. What you need to know is that it was in a different state__) County, MI, but I was still “technically” registered to vote in my home town. Since I was living an hour and a half away from my local voting poll area (and I worked 16 hours a day), I recognized the need for an absentee ballot. After recognizing the need as such, I (as the responsible young American girl that I am) promptly forgot to request a form from my local Absentee-Ballot-Person. One day, while standing in Camp’s office, my friend Jon reminded me of my oversight and, in the same breath, offered me a solution: I could just copy his request form. After all, we were from the same home town, and his information wasn’t entered anywhere on the form. (What we didn’t see was the bar code at the bottom of the form. Apparently those are pretty important).
So, as the responsible and detail oriented person that I am, I copied the form, filled in my information, and we sent them back in the same envelope.
Good enough, right?
Well… apparently not.
Several days later, Jon’s mother received a phone call from the Absentee-Ballot-Collection-Building.  The message was something like “someone by the name of Paula is attempting to steel your son’s identity in the form of voters fraud. We wanted to inform you before we sent the cops to go get her and throw her in the slammer for the rest of her days”.
THANKFULLY, Jon’s mom knew who I was and had the peace of mind to assure the Voter-Registration-Lady that I was, in fact, not a felon. They simply shredded the form I had fraudulently sent to them and issued me a new one.
And that is why I almost (but not quite) got arrested for voters fraud.

I blame Jon. Just sayin’ 🙂