They say “it takes a village to raise a child”.

I may be at the ripe old age of 24, and wise beyond my years (might I add), but I am thankful for the many families (aka “villages”) God has given me – to come alongside me, challenge me, and urge me toward holiness. This weekend, as I reflect on the day that has passed and look forward to the day and a half I have left, I’m reminded of this as I come in contact with some (not all) of my family groups:

Thursday PM: Finally back with my Small Group family. After a summer away, it is good to be back – living in community and speaking into eachothers lives. I love you guys.

Friday: Saying goodbye to my Advanced Healthcare family. Working with you all has been an honor and a blessing. I love and will miss you all.

Friday PM: Sister sleepover, movie night, and bacon ice cream sundaes. (They were not huge fans of the bacon. It’s probably because we used bacon bits instead of real bacon. Or maybe it’s because it was ice cream – and ice cream is generally a bad idea) Ladies: I adore you 🙂

Saturday: Hello to my new work family! I saw my new desk, computer and phone last week, but today I will “officially” be a Customer Connection Agent.  I’m ready.

Saturday PM: Home to be with the family, Perry, and my Australian family! They are bringing their baby to meet us. I’m tickled pink and excited to pieces.

Sunday: Getting to spend time with my church family. I am constantly encouraged, challenged and loved by these men and women. I am also privileged to be able to be in my dad’s Sunday School class with so many people in different phases of life.

Not seen this weekend, are my Mexican family and my Michindoh family.


Lord, thank you for all of the families you have blessed me with. I do not deserve it. I do not deserve you.