I’m happy to report that we have returned from the Windy City.

We did not get lost, but we did hit a bit of traffic on 90/94 going into Chicago. The Caddy and I drove like champs… weaving in and out of traffic like pros. It was a beautiful thing.  We did not get lost (though we didn’t bring a GPS) and we did not run out of gas (although Marta had a slight panic attack 100 miles into the toll road). (When I say “slight panic attack”, I mean a pack of geese are more calm after they hear a shotgun fire across the lake. I practically had to tie her down and ASSURE her that we would make it to the next gas station) (It doesn’t help that the car was registering as “empty”, there was a “low fuel” light blinking, and it was making a “ding” sound about once every two seconds. The only thing that could have added more stress would have been a puppet wearing a neon cardboard sign that appeared out of the AC register to shout at you about impending doom)

Upon our arrival back at the Fort Wayne Campus, I learned two very important lessons, for which I have photographic evidence:

1) In order to live in our building, apparently you must drive a black car. Thankfully, Bugsy and Iggy (our cars) both fit in quite nicely with this color scheme.

2) Gerber daisies, although adorable and bright as the sun, do not appreciate being ignored for a weekend. Hopefully a good dose of H2O and a lot of TLC will resurrect this little treasure. Otherwise, we may need to invest in some more 50 cent begonias to help us cope with our loss.