We are in Chicago and it is wonderful.

Things we have done:

  • Drive through Chicago
  • Take the “L” into Chicago
  • See “The Bean”
  • Run through the fountain at Millennium Park
  • Walk extensively through the city like we’re pros
  • Obtain free chocolate at Ghirardelli (and then PAID for ice cream there)
  • Lego Store
  • American Girl Store (which Sean, humorously enough, thought was a clothing store)
  • Take glass elevator to the TOP floor of the mall
  • Buy wide brim beach bum hat (for $5)
  • View art for FREE in Chicago
  • Find the “L” again
  • Ask for directions in Chicago
  • Buy snacks at an Asian “super” market
  • Deep dish Chicago style pizza (from 2 different restaurants so we could pick our favorite)
  • Lake Michigan wave jumping
  • Visit famous landmark
  • Drink Bubble Tea

And ALL of this… in less than 36 hours. We are awesome at this road trip thing.

We may never come home.  Ever.