Some very important updates for my faithful follower(s)

(There’s still some debate as to the number of actual fans)

1) Don’t worry: I did eventually find my phone (CLICK for original post)

2) We have only used the air conditioning ONCE since THIS post, and our electric bill was still under $16.  We did purchase a fan, though (She is wonderful. Her name is Windy and I love her) She’s cool enough for the both of us.

3) Since our trip through Oklahoma I am still the undefeated champion of My Cows. I’ll sign autographs later.

4) True to my promise, I have not fallen asleep in a public park since the duck attack of 2012.

5) Our music video now has over a hundred hits. It has practically gone viral.

6) In the days following THIS post, we have adopted 12 begonia plants (they were on sale at Walmart: 6 for 50 cents. How could I resist their cute little flowery faces?) and put them in the place of our sad little seeds. Also, my cyst is gone. No, I did not have surgery. Thankfully for my face, the blessed thing disappeared on its own.

7) (and I realize this is the one you were all waiting for) The coffee stains came out of the dress! I found out after writing THIS post, that the dress actually belongs to Marta, so it to her that I should have brought my pleas for forgiveness. I’m just thankful for Oxi-Clean, washing machines, and my mother (who advised me to wash with cold water) Also, Houdini the hamster (to the best of my knowledge) is still living. Colson has not yet loved all of his fuzz off.

8) You should also know that right now I am wearing flip flops with socks and it is cutting off the circulation in my big toes. I’m beginning to rethink the wisdom of my wardrobe choice.