I’m sure many of you will decide not to read this post because of the title. You’re thinking “a cyst? That’s NASTY! Why would she want to blog about that?” I would answer by saying “Yes, I have a cyst (SPOILER ALERT) and I realize that it sounds nasty… but I did not chose it. Some times you just have to tough it out”.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about life in 2B (besides the air conditioning battle of 2012… a battle against the elements. It was both epic and exhausting).  (I’ve quite recovered, however, and you may be happy to know that we have not used our AC since… so, I think our power bill will be nearly unaffected.)

I am writing this blog post to inform you of two very important updates in the Fort Wayne Campus.  Seeds and Cysts.

1) Seeds.

Today, Marta and I re-replanted the flower garden in our yard. (I say re-replanted because the first planting was a miserable failure, and the second crop of plants were quickly devoured by pill bugs) We have high hopes and have set the pot of dirt, new seeds and dirt creatures into the north-east corner of our yard… the only corner that gets sun (and then, it’s only for about 20 minutes a day).  Those seeds were planted with love and we are quite anxious to have blossoms enough to make a bouquet out of by the end of the month. What start today as small seeds (barely seen by the human eye) shall (under our careful and loving supervision) begin to sprout and grow. We shall raise for ourselves a family of “Shade Flowers” and they will shine for all to see.

If you have doubts, please don’t rain on our parade. It’s already raining outside and you speaking up would simply be redundant at this point.  I would also like to mention that the lovely pot of flowers given us by our beloved Aunt Karen (woot woot! This is your shout-out, Aunt Karin! We love you!) seems do be doing quite well (despite the fact that we were pretty sure they were going to die there for a few days). We’ve learned sense that it is just part of the “Circle of Life” (thanks Lion King).  Every week or so, the two beautiful flowers begin to wilt and wither away. Before long, they go to seed and all seems lost.  It is at this moment that we notice two new sprouts beginning to grow… within days they are tall and strong and burst forth into the 20-minutes of sunshine. It’s a beautiful thing. We have named them “Sally” and “Sully” (Not really, I just thought of that just now. If I were going to name them, though, I suppose those would be great names for two orange-ish flowers).

2) Cysts.

Yes, it is true. My once-perfect face is no longer perfect. I discovered a cyst the other day on the left-side of my chin. My personal physician (aka Daddio) inspected it (aka poked it for a while) and decided that it is quite safe. You can’t even see it from the surface. But I know it’s there. I don’t really know how long the cyst has existed behind my chin skin (ha ha, that sounds funny), but now that I know it’s there I have to fight every urge to poke at it.  It’s like when you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair and they’re using the sucking machine in your mouth (the one that sounds like a wet/dry vac sucking up a small lake) and you can’t keep your tongue from following the plastic mechanism around your mouth… no matter how often the hygienist politely asks me to please stop (wow, that run-on sentence just got kind of personal).  It’s like that. I find myself often poking it and pushing it around under the skin. I don’t know if that’s good for it or not, but I’m sure my skin isn’t too thrilled about the extra germs it’s getting exposed to.

Apparently, if it becomes either painful or grows large enough to be visible (aka it looks like a giant grape hanging off of my face) I’ll need to have it looked at again and possibly removed (which would likely involve 2 stitches to my face).  I have decided that if it comes to that, I may just have to accept a small scar.  Somehow, a battle wound like that would be more public appropriate than a massive skin-colored grape hanging on and jiggling around when I talk. After all, my face is the money maker at the front desk (and I have a lot of other great qualities as well) (I sincerely hope you read that last parenthesis in a Marcel the Shell voice. If not, please backtrack and try again)… I will simply have to be an outstanding receptionist with a small scar marring my once-perfect face. Ahh well… the crosses I’ve been asked to bare.

Well that’s the new news. Very soon we will be heading out into the wilds of Dallas (woot woot! That’s your shout-out, Dallas! Here we come!)  I have a very important place to be right now so I will be going. Because I’m very important, you know. Even if I have a cyst.