If you have read my blog at all recently, you’ve probably grown quite tired of hearing me talk about my car.  Be it the love I have for my car or the sadness of my car’s new sickness, I seem to have blogged quite a bit about my car recently.

I have yet another installment of the “Bugzy Story”.

Allow me to bring you up to speed:

1) Bugzy is my car. He is wonderful, old, and has driven over 200,000 miles.  When first purchased, he was a mere $500… and that was probably 7 years ago. (To hear more about how much I love my car, click HERE)

2) Bugzy has a sickness. He is so sick, in fact, he won’t turn on. (and I threw a mini pity party for myself yesterday, but I’m slowly getting over it)

3) That takes you to today.

Upon my arrival to FWC2B after work today, Marta and I gingerly rolled up our sleeves and decided we were going to jump my car. (Based on the fact that my car wasn’t even trying to turn on, the main assumption we came to was that the battery was dead).  Between the two of us, we have 3 sets of jumper cables and 2 successful attempts at jumping cars, so we are obviously experts and knew what we were doing. (Well, we both know where our batteries are located and we know how to match up the colors).

After three rounds of “wait 5 minutes then try to turn on Paula’s car” that all ended in utter failure, we stood there, Marta’s car running, scratching our heads.

It was at this point that Nick stepped in to save the day. He asked us if we needed help (clearly not realizing how much we knew about car batteries).  Since what we had been doing hadn’t worked, obviously it was time for some intervention, so we accepted his help, he adjusted the cables, and I made a cheese sandwich.

Twenty minutes later, we’re still standing by the cars… one still running, and one still dead. At this point, Nick begins to scratch his head as well.

Enter Nick. (Not the same one as before. This is another neighbor named Nick) (They will be henceforth known as “Nick #1” and “Nick #2”, organized by order of introduction).  So, Nick #2 seemed to realize from across the parking lot that we needed assistance. (He didn’t even run inside to put his groceries away)  He walked over, stood between Marta and I and begin to show his knowledge of engines. (Apparently Bugzy has a very nice motor. According to Nick #2, his engine is a knock-off of some race car engine, and he’s got another 100,000 miles left in him). (Marta and I just nodded our heads and pretended to understand. In reality, we know nothing about car engines. It’s the batteries we’re experts in ). Nick #1 and Nick #2 discussed “car jumping” techniques, engine characteristics, and car mechanics for a while as the cars continued to charge. Marta called Dad and asked him to come down, and I tried not to focus on the fact that Nick #2 had left a full jug of 2% milk sitting in the sun.  It was all I could do to not gag.

After another 10 minutes of failed attempts (it should be noted that at this point, Marta’s car has been running for over an hour and the milk has been sitting in the sun for 15 minutes. I was both inspired (by Marta’s generosity) and appalled (by Nick #2’s poor nutrition choices.) it was decided between the Nicks that I had a bad battery and need to buy a new one. Nick #1 gave up and went inside, Nick #2 described how to install the battery and, just to make sure we knew he was a car genius, rambled on for a few minutes about something or other. (I don’t remember, because I didn’t understand) Finally, Nick #2 grabbed his milk jug (full of medium-warm milk. *shudder*) and headed back inside.

Dad arrived to save the day shortly after the Nicks had gone back inside. After a couple diagnostic tests, it was decided that it was, in fact, NOT the battery, but the starter. (I don’t know what that is, but I think it helps start the car). Bugzy has now been towed back to the Main Campus, the new starter has been purchased, and we’re awaiting transplant surgery tomorrow.

Bugzy looks nervous. I’m a wreck. This night of waiting will seem an eternity.