My car wouldn’t start last night.

I’m so grateful that I have a God who loves me anyway.  I’m thankful that Marta has a car that she will let me take to work this morning.

It’s funny how little inconveniences can totally throw off your grove.  Don’t get me wrong: my car not starting didn’t ruin my entire night. I still had a great opportunity to rub elbows with some wonderful friends and have great conversation.


That’s what this is about.

I had my night all planned out… I was going drive. We were going to stop and get coffee. We were going to go to small group. I was going to fill my gas tank on the way back. That was the plan, and it was perfect.


I’m not perfect. My plan was not perfect. My car is (obviously) not perfect.

I’m so thankful for someone who IS perfect. That thousands of years ago, on this day, he took my place.  Because of Him, my imperfection no longer matters. Not that I “keep on sinning”… but I no longer have to be a slave to sin.  I no longer have to fear changes of plan or imperfections in life.

I don’t have control… but I know the one who does… and that makes all the difference.

Thanks, Jesus, for what you did.

Help me take my eyes off of myself and my silly little pity party last night.

I love you.