To my dear Subway,

You may not realize this, but I love you.

I have loved you since the first time I walked into your doors. Though, at that time, I was afraid of mayo and cold cuts… still you welcomed me with a piping-hot meatball sub made on fresh bread.

Oh, Subway. You are so good to me.

You don’t hide back in the kitchen to prepare my food, you make it right before my eyes.

I ask for extra tomatoes, you give them to me.

You are a giving and gracious friend, dear Subway.

But you don’t stop there – you take my eating experience from awesome to superb, by routinely offering “5-dolla foot longs” for entire MONTHS at a time!  You help me realize that my choice of 12-inch Turkey on 9-grain honey oat with spinach, tomatoes (and extra tomatoes), cucumbers, onions, peppers, sweet onion dressing, and salt and pepper (and more pepper) are a good choice for both my wallet and my health.

I love you, Subway.

Don’t ever change. (Unless you want to start offering free food. That would be an ok change, I guess)