In the past month, 85 people have visited my blog because they searched for the word “coffee” on a search engine. I am quite confused by this.  I googled the word “coffee” and looked through 7 pages of results without coming upon my blog. So, if you are one of the people who has visited because you searched for the word “coffee”, I welcome you, though I am rather confused by your arrival.

If you were searching for a coffee shop, coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee-flavored candy, ways to sleep after drinking coffee, coffee filters, or remedies for coffee breath, I’m sorry. You’ve clicked on the wrong link (though I appreciate the time, attention, and extra stats)

If, however, you were searching for a person that loves coffee and occasionally mentions it haphazardly because she loves it so much… you’ve come to the right place.

I can only imagine that this blog post (because it mentions “coffee” 15 times, including the picture and the title of the post) will bring more of you coffee-googlers to my sight. Greetings, weary stranger. Stay a while.