Ladies and gentlemen…

After MONTHS of searching…

HOURS of listening…

We accidentally stumbled upon the commercial of a lifetime. Perhaps you recall this post (CLICK HERE)  We had nearly given up hope – finding snippets of it here and there.  After months of having not found the complete commercial, we plunged into near despair. Finally? We gave up all together. Not being able to bare the reminders of our failure, Marta and I moved away from our childhood home into the city.

Then it happened – on a weekend at our parents’ house, while working on writing papers and quilting, Marta chose a random odyssey episode… from a random album. “The Prodigal Jimmy”.  We learned a lot about being obedient and respecting our parents during the 22 minute episode.  Being too lazy to fast forward to the end of the tape, we both listened as the tape proceeded to play some random songs and a few minutes of “Christian Community News” from the early 90’s. Then it happened.

We actually found it.

So… without further ado,

I present to you:

*drum roll please*

Harris Water.