Mom doesn’t want you to go anywhere without Bethany.” Maria said, as we got ready for bed last night. “And… try not to be too…. lame”.

LAME??? Did Maria just say “Lame”!?!?!?  Marta and I looked at each other in disbelief. Is this what we’ve become? Lame adult big sisters?  I went to bed with a firm resolve to spend Saturday in pure un-lameness.

I admit: this morning may have been a little lame. We spent nearly 4 hours having a pre-moving stuff-sorting party (complete with Adventures in Odyssey…).  It was fun, and productive, but the look on Bethany’s face about two hours in told me everything I needed to know: we were being lame, and that was not acceptable.

Around lunch time, I finished with my sorting and went hunting for Bethany. She was half-asleep watching the Flintstones movie with Grammy. It was then that Maria’s words haunted my mind again: “try not to be too…. lame”.

That’s when it hit me: the idea that would turn our day from lame into awesome… the idea to take this afternoon from drab to fab…u….lous.  The snow was beautiful, the sun was shining and my stomach was growling…. how about an outside winter picnic!  Maria found us as we were finishing the last of the chili and our hands had become almost completely numb. Marta proceeded to blurt out “still think we’re lame, Maria?”

What was her answer? “Not lame… just stupid. I’m going back inside.”