News Flash: I’m not a huge concert person. All those flashing lights and crazy loud music leave me with a headache and a desire to pay admission all over again just to get out. Maybe I’m just getting too old…

That beings said, I have secretly always wanted to be a roadie for a band.  How cool would that be? Being friends with famous people, seeing the country from the inside of a sweet bus, dressing really trendy (because it’s your job)… there is something about it that has always secretly intrigued me.

Last night, I got to live part of my dream.  I got to be a part-time roadie.  Marta was the one opened the door to opportunity via an email from a friend – they were looking for help with a huge Christian music concert in Fort Wayne.  Marta’s 3rd shift job prevented her from joining me, but the 8-5-ness and no-weekend-ness of my job left my day WIDE open.

Everything about Sunday was awesome. I got to park in the “employee parking” at the Coliseum – the guard at the gate had a list… and MY NAME was on it!  I saw a couple of the band members tuning their guitars as I walked to our rendezvous point.

I was put on “Merch” crew, sent to the Sanctus Real table, and told to look for Tyler. “You can’t miss him”, they said.  They were right.  $80 shoes, black skinny jeans, a spike-studded belt, a low v-neck T-shirt, and his swooping Jimmy Neutron hair made him very hard to miss.  It wasn’t until he stuck his hand out to introduce himself that I saw his blood-shot eyes and smelled his lack-of-shower-ness.  Sick.

It was immediately obvious that he either thought I was really cute or hadn’t slept in over a week (or some combination of both).  He wouldn’t even look at Vicki, the other volunteer at our booth, but insisted on standing way too close as he explained to me how the night was going to work.  I smiled and tried not to breathe through my nose.

Probably the most fun thing about working a merch table, is that people automatically assume you’re “with the band”.  They would say things like “Now, which songs are you playing tonight?” and “how long will you be in Fort Wayne?” (despite the fact that I’m a girl and there are no girls in the band).  My friends, who should have known better, even came up to the table where they surprisedly exclaimed “oh my word! I didn’t realize that you knew the band!”  It was kind of hard to be honest and admit that I had never met the band, and they were leaving immediately after the show, so I wasn’t going to meet them that night either.

Over the course of the night, Tyler told us about how he became a “roadie” and gave us an idea of what his job is like.  I hadn’t realized that 18-hour-work-days and sleepless-nights spent in a bus on the road were part of the package.  (Apparently not taking showers is also part of the gig. He didn’t say as much, but I gathered this intel by being extremely observant.) I also hadn’t realized how big of a deal setting up and tearing down EVERYTHING is every day.  (It’s the not-fun part of big events… but every day… for your job).

Sanctus Real was awesome…. (he let us sneak out to watch them play).  It was fun to stand there and secretly gloat to myself that I had gotten a free t-shirt. (Two free t-shirts, actually. I told you Tyler thought I was cute)

Anyway – Once the concert was over and the inventory had been finished (at 11:30 pm), I was very ready to be off of my feet and in bed.  Tyler said he’d be up at least another two hours, but thanked us for our help and let us go home.

So, did I like my time as a roadie? Yes. It was awesome.  The fame is nice (“fame by association”, anyway) and the 2 free t-shirts were awesome (wicked awesome)… and I sure enjoyed standing behind that table for 8 hours (ha, that was a little bit of sarcasm. My legs were burning. They were almost as on-fire as the one time that they were actually on fire.  But this time I didn’t get a burn or have to bury my pants in the woods.)  If I get another chance to be a part-time roadie, I think I might consider it.  Just for a few hours, though…. and just if they give me a free shirt 🙂

As for a full-time job… well… I think maybe I’ll stick to my reception desk for a little while.

Because I am outstanding at it.

I have a 1/2 page certificate that says so.