I am amazed by my parents. They are such a great example to me – they’ve given me such a good picture of what kind of parent I want to be, of what kind of spouse I want to be, and of what kind of Christian I hope (someday, by God’s grace) to be.

One thing my parents have taught me is the importance of the Bible – God’s word. The most important words on Earth.

That’s why Dad used to tuck us into bed, one at a time – praying for us and singing scripture memory songs with us (I didn’t realize until I was much older that most of the ones we learned were Strauss marches, Musical Scores and National songs… for example: Ephesians 4:29 to the song about the grand parade from “Music Man”) Mom also incorporated these songs and scriptures it into our home school studies.

That’s also why my parents FORCED me (note I said “forced”. In my infinite wisdom in high school, I would not have chosen that activity for myself.) to take a part in Bible Quizzing during high school. (I should note here, when I say “forced” I don’t mean “forced”. It was a trade, really: if I wanted to have hot food, take dance lessons, and graduate from high school, I had to quiz. ’nuff said) I love that even now, years later, I still remember SO many of the verses that I memorized in quizzing… and I can still remember where a lot of them are found. Thanks, Mom & Dad.

With this short history in mind, perhaps you can understand why I was not completely shocked to find Maria memorizing Isaiah 54:10 to a song. The song she chose, however, was a bit surprising (not to mention unexpected): “I want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. (You may, or may not, remember that Maria has really only known about this band… and even the genre of “boy bands”… for about 4 months.) (see “never.too.late.”) She is hung up on the chorus, though… she’s having a hard time substituting scripture words for the “Tell me why” lyrics. That was always my favorite part too.

Maybe she can just leave those words in and then say something nice about Jesus… I suggested: “Tell me why…. Jesus loves me so / Tell me why… He died just to help me grow / Tell me why… that’s all that I need to know: He did it that way”. Maybe….? or maybe not.