“Welcome To The Big League”

That’s what my boss at camp used to say when I’d had a difficult (or particularly “grown-up” day)

Today was that kind of a day. A WTTBL day.

The morning was pretty average – spent too long straightening my hair, spilled coffee on my way out the door, and seemed to take ages to scrape the frost off of my car.  I learned a new skill in Excell (called a “pivot table”. Maybe I’ll show you sometime.  After just minutes, I can get a text document imported, formatted, and “pivoted” into a spreadsheet that is both readable and helpful)

In the afternoon, while dealing with a walk-in patient, the phone rang (like it does 200 other times during the day…) I recognized the number immediately – it was the family of a patient of ours who had just passed away… he had been trying to blame us for something (long story short, we didn’t do it). I picked up the phone and offered my usual greeting, but was cut off by the furious customer who said he was “done with” our company. I moved the earpiece away from my ear as he proceeded to scream death threats mixed with obscenities into the phone.  The patient that was waiting at my desk mouthed something to me to let me know that she could hear the verbal abuse. After about a minute (that seemed like an hour), the man stopped screaming and the phone clicked silent. I set the phone down and (though I wanted to crawl under my desk and cry for a while), I took a deep breath and went on working with my patient.

The day was far from over after that phone call, but the sadness of that particular caller’s voice will probably haunt me for a while. It makes me grateful that I have a personal relationship with a God who loves me… and that I know He is actively working things out for the good.

Thank you, Lord for who you are… and thank you that you love me for who I am.  Thanks for giving me a good job and a loving family. Please bless the man I spoke with on the phone today – please heal his broken heart and help him to come to know the comfort that only you can give. Please show him YOUR perfect love.