I, much like my father, am very good at starting projects, but not at all good at finishing them. That’s why I have half-sorted boxes, half-finished stories, and half-done puzzles.  (Dad, on the other hand, has just started working on his recumbent bike again… after taking a 2-year break) That’s also why I started knitting socks and hats – short-term commitment. If I really get after it, I can knit a pair of nearly-matching socks… or a nice fleece-lined hat in just over a day.

I don’t know why, but I recently started a quilt.  And a sweater.

The problem with having two projects in-process at once, is that the entire time I’m working on my quilt, I think of how fun it would be to be knitting my sweater – and how much faster it would get done if I would devote myself completely to it.

Maybe I would have already finished my sweater, if I didn’t keep changing my mind on how I want it to look. I knit about a foot, and then realize that the fair-isle snowman is a bit chubbier than I was planning on.  I take it out, rewrap the yarn, change the pattern, and venture out again. Sadly, about 6 inches into this attempt, I realize I dropped a stitch early on… I remove the needles, take out the stitches, rewrap the yarn, and begin again. This time, after I’ve knitted another foot, or so, I decide I don’t like the decrease method I chose. Remove needles, pull out 3 inches of work, put back in the needles, rewrap the yarn… well, you get the picture. Basically, after hours of work (and no progress to show for it) I look over at the sewing machine – longing to be zipping along, quickly accomplishing the quilt-piecing that stands between me and a lovely new, snuggly warm, quilt.

Tonight, I thought I had come across another new project -> throwing food at Marta’s face in such a way as to land it in her open mouth. After bouncing about 15 of my precious green sweet tarts off of Marta’s face, I realized that this is perhaps not my calling either. (Needless to say, if you see me winding up with a piece of food, put on your safety glasses and run for cover)

Ehh… back to the sweater knitting.

Or! Maybe I’ll start a paper-mache pinata… or start sorting through my old clothes… or start learning a new language… or repave the driveway.  Shoot – why just pick one? I’m not going to bed for 3 hours – maybe I’ll just do all of them!