Remember how, some time ago, I told you about Chases and how we can’t just play games the normal way? (I’m talking about the blog post GAMES)  Anyway, yesterday is a great example.

What started as an innocent game of Chineese Checkers, (which I won… obviously) morphed into a second game called “Death Marbles”, in which one of your marbles was a gigantic killer marble that would kill any other marble it jumped over. (Kind of a mixture of Sorry and Chineese Checkers) This was Maria’s idea, mostly because she found a large scary black marble and wanted to send all of our marbles home crying. Laura added a “bonus candy” aspect that was simply delightful.  It was great, at first: Laura’s Death Marble (which was filled with toothpaste-looking-substance) could talk, My Death Marble was a loud stomper, Maria’s Death Marble was both mute and insecure, and Marta’s Death Marble went on rampages that made 10 marbles from other players (usually Laura and Maria) back to home base, still licking their wounds. It seemed like a great idea, until a 1/2 hour game turned into a 1 hour death-match between Marta and myself, and poor Laura and Maria were just caught in the cross-fire.

Marta won, unfortunately, and my bitterness has not quite dispelled as of yet.. (Especially because I was one turn away from winning before Marta parked her ugly Orange-Speckled-Dark-Green Death Marble smack-dab in the middle of my home triangle, causing me to be stuck in one place until all the rest of her pieces were safe at home.)

Once the screaming ended and the battle was lost (still bitter, btw), Laura declared that she may have nightmares about this game, and Maria announced that that version was “interesting” and that “we may have killed the game of Chinese Checkers for a while” (a very very long while). Death Marbles Strike Again.