Had a wonderful long conversation with Carter tonight and realized how grown up he has become in the last few years. It’s so weird to talk about real life… with the same kid who used to hide Dad’s hammer collection and annoy me to pieces with his loud stomping and singing.  He’s come such a long way from being the kid who I fought with (because he is so much like me) into being the brother that understands me (because he is so much like me) He reminds me so much of somebody else… another brother.  Another brother who used to annoy me to pieces, but another brother who grew up too fast.  A brother who told people that he was my twin, and who had dreams of becoming a spy.  A brother who was taller than I and a brother who I still treasure.

Six years is a long time… but it passes in the blink of an eye.

Lord God, you know what you’re doing… right?

“It’s ok to cry.  Just don’t forget me, ok?”

Johnny… I haven’t forgotten you, but thanks for giving me permission to cry.

Happy Birthday, little brother… I miss you a lot, and I’m excited to see you again some day.