Marta met the Harris Water people. I am so jealous.

What’s that? You don’t know who the Harris Water people are?  You know: the “my dad makes water better” people!

Really? Nothing?

Wow, you must have been so sheltered as a kid! I mean, sure, you can sing all of the verses to “I want it that way”, and could summarize all of the Seasons of Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy (because you watched them), but to not be able to quote the Old Country Buffet add from 1993? That’s just sad.

You see, back in the day, we recorded Adventures In Odyssey episodes off of the radio onto cassette tapes: commercials and all.  We listened to them over and over, until we had every second memorized.  For example, “Milan Center Feed and Grain, Large and Small: we feed them all!”  Want to know what First Community Church of Fort Wayne was doing for their Easter Service in 1991? Put in this Odyssey cassette tape and fast forward to the end where we recorded Christian Community News, for just a time as this.  We Chases are forward thinkers.

Back in the early 90’s, there was a local family who was trying their hand at water softening.  It was a cute commercial that included their kids Rorey and Ross (and cute catch phrases like “Quality on Tap”)  This commercial ran for a couple years, thus it was recorded (by us) onto about 50 Odyssey episodes.   Most of them were later edited out, but there are a couple intact commercials remaining in the early seasons of our collection.  We’d heard the commercials so often, that we could quote them.  We came to feel like we knew the Harris family: after all, Rorey (we know from the commercial) doesn’t care for water, until she learns that Harris Water is used to make her Koolaid, Juice, and even Jello (then she says “Dad, that stuff’s delicious!”).  Ross is steady and never wavers, as he declares proudly “My dad makes water better”.

A few months ago, Marta was at a Campus Life event, and heard someone say something about Harris Water.  Marta perked up and turned around, to find that Mr. Harris himself was standing behind her.  She became excited as she revealed to them that she had heard of them, and knew their commercial (she even quoted it to them).  Apparently they gave up the water business years ago, and their children are now grown. She made their night by remembering their jingle, and they made her’s by being there. To most people, just the Harris family. To us, they’re celebrities.

**I need to admit to you that since originally writing this post (a month ago) I have been listening to old Adventures In Odyssey Episodes searching for the Harris Water Conditioning commercial… and (after literally hours) I have been unable to locate even ONE intact commercial (though we found a snippet that is about 5 seconds long).  I guess we did a better job trimming out the commercials than I originally thought. Don’t worry, though, the DAY I rediscover the commercial (and I WILL rediscover it… there are only like 700 episodes left) I’m converting it to mp3 so the entire world can share in HWC with us… as well as celebrate Marta’s fortune in meeting Mr. Harris himself.**