For those of you who are not avid blog readers, first you must read the post below to get some background on this story   CLICK HERE

Good, now that we’re all on the same page, here is some breaking news (literally)   How do I put this gently?  The 92-day-old microwave has died.

*moment of silence*

Thankfully, this story is does not have to end sadly: dad took out the extended warranty on the microwave… so this 92-day-old microwave has a second attempt at life – ebay will either repair or refund us for this microwave. In the mean time, we were fortunate enough to have found another not-very-lightly-used microwave in the barn (somehow, dad missed it last time we needed a microwave, after he bought the now-dead one) Sure, it doesn’t fit in the designated “microwave spot” in the kitchen… and the timer is broken… but (in dad’s words) “at least it turns on and doesn’t electrocute you when you use it”.  Well said, Dad, well said.

Most people, at this point, would take the dead microwave outside and ceremonially put it on the curb for the trash man. This is not the logical option for our family 1) because we have neither a curb or a trash man 2) because my father is my father and (thus) if there may be some semi-salvageable piece left, it goes in the barn instead of in the trash.  Once Ebay has given us their verdict (repair vs refund) Dad will probably clip the cord and harvest the transformer for a welder project of his (or some such nonsense) (here’s the link he found “most helpful” CLICK HERE)  In his words “I already have a welder, but I don’t have a SPOT welder.”

So, 92 days from now, when our newer-old microwave has bit the dust and the ebay-microwave has been transformed into a spark-spitting-spot welder, think of our family as we search for a newer-old-not-so-broken-almost-free microwave.

AND, if you have one sitting in your garage that you would like to rehome, we would be more than willing to help you out, free of charge. You’re welcome.

Oh, the possibilities…