It snowed today.

Most of you (my dear readers) just said (rather sarcastically, I might add) “say WHAT??”. (I don’t appreciate the ‘tude, dude).  I enjoy snow for several reasons:

1) Snow is great for canceling school… unless you’re home-schooled (which I was)  You ALSO don’t get snow days when you have a job.  …Usually…  I don’t know about you, but I’m still going to listen to the school delays tomorrow with bated breath and crossed fingers….  Santa is real, the Tooth Fairy is NOT my mother, and I will have a snow day from work tomorrow.  Dream on, Chase. Dream on.

2) Snow is cold… which makes it a sweet secret weapon when playing Hide And Seek In The Dark With Roller Skates And Ice Cubes w/ the siblings.

3) Snow is fun to watch fall on other people. Especially when it avalanches off of the roof JUST as they’re walking by.  I saw it happen once.  Today.  I laughed.  I still smile on the inside when I think about it.

But, for all the reasons I love snow, I must take a moment to caution you and raise your awareness: Snow is dangerous for one reason (and one alone).  Snow makes icicles… and icicles are dangerous. Did you know that, on average, 15 people die each year from icicle-related accidents?  Apparently Chicago is especially prone to ice-falling accidents (so, if you’re headed to the Windy City, make sure to take proper precautions)   In Russia, 6 people were killed over a period of three days by icicles falling onto them from buildings.  I don’t know about you, but as the winter season approaches (who am I kidding, it didn’t “approach”, it hit us like a sledge hammer) I am going to be wearing steel toed shoes, protective eye-wear, a bullet proof vest and a helmet: just to be safe.

Be careful driving out there, and please stay away from icicles.