Our family has gone through several phases of music.

There were the early days, when we listened to mostly classical music, peppered with some “Salty the Singing Songbook” and “GT And The Halo Express” here and there. Those were also the days of dancing in the window sill, playing “Tickle Machine”, and hearing about “Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent” (which just isn’t the same unless you read it with a lisp)

The next phase was introduced by our cousins, who were teenagers when we were still small enough to play “Log Roll” with Dad. I remember the first time they played Carmen, DC Talk and Newsboys on the tape player.  I remember wondering if that music was “ok”, or if we were going to get into trouble for listening to it – after all, we couldn’t understand the words.  I even asked Mom if I could listen to it. I’m glad she said “yes”.

This new phase brought a lot of fun things into our house -> WBCL became a staple, and we even started going to concerts here and there.  (My first was Michael W Smith… and I got so nervous for the “meet and greet” that I fled the room)  WinterJam was a must, and Corrie even won some tapes and CD’s off of the radio.  These were good days.

It wasn’t until some years later that a new phase came upon us -> nearly ten, to be exact. This is the phase of enjoying the classics. It started when Mom announced to the family at the dinner table, that she used to LOVE the Eagles.  Now, up to this point, we all thought that the Eagles were simply an endangered bird of prey.  Taylor pulled up a video on YouTube to help educate us. It was no surprise when Mom received the “best of” CD for Christmas that year.  What did surprise us was that she knew all of the words and musical solos.  This was a side of mom we had never seen.  Now, every month or so, we’ll all gather around a laptop and YouTube music by some of the oldies (but goodies).  Last time, it was Freddie Mercury.  We’re learning a lot about our nations past.  I think it should be counted toward History class, here at Timberline Christian Academy.

Phase 4 entered the Chase house upon my return home from camp. This is (thematic music here) the dancing phase.  Now, don’t get me wrong – there has been dancing in our house over the years: first, Psalty the Singing Song Book, then taking actual dance lessons, then learning the joys of Line Dancing from our friends at CGS… but when I say “dancing”… what I really mean are dance parties. Somehow, my family had never learned to hear the music, feel the music, and then LIVE the music.  I was more than happy to educate: giving lessons about the shopping cart, lawn mower, and macarena.  I’m not saying that I have perfected the art of dancing – I have much to learn (as evidenced at the Tannie Wedding Extravaganza 2011)… but it’s been fun to help my family join in on the fun.  Now, all it takes is a few beats of “Everybody Dance Now” to get the girls on their feet and groovin’ to the beat (ha ha, that rhymes)

The newest phase begin this morning… and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Maria discovered the wonderful world of Boy Bands (sure, she’s 10 years behind… but that doesn’t bother her one minute)  NSync came on shuffle while we were getting ready for church, and (after a few seconds) Maria announced to the girls room that she “just LOVES this music! The tight harmonies and the “clean shaven” sound.  How have I gone ten years without knowing about them!”

I hit my “boy band” phase back when PlusOne was WBCL popular (for like a month)… I even had my favorite “Plus One” singer all picked out, back in the day. That was before my favorite singer quit and they became “Minus One”.  I’m glad those days are over.

Maria has decided that, between studying for nursing and singing in choir, she is going to learn the dance to “ByeByeBye”.  I suppose, we’ll all have to learn it too. Mostly, because we love her… but (secretly) because we think it’s cool. That last sentence has made me rather nervous for our next phase in music… someone needs to rescue us from pop culture.