I wrote this blog post a while ago, but just found it saved as a draft. Hopefully you will still find it as inspiring as if I had written it tonight. But I already blogged once tonight (and one a day is plenty, believe it or not) in any case: here it is: the before-unpublished blog post from days past:

(by “days past” I really mean like 2…. maybe 3 at the very most)

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the Tannie Wedding Extravaganza 2011, you should know that you missed out on quite a bit.  Yes, of course she was beautiful… obviously the bridesmaids were stunning… and, yes, I did shed a tear or two. What you missed out on, however, was something much more unexpected.

The Chases did Thriller.

The idea was a simple one: let’s do something to cause shock and awe at the reception. Let’s learn some dance. Something simple, something easy, something fun… like… Thriller???

News flash, folks: Thriller is neither simple nor is it easy, but it is far from impossible. Thanks to a 40 part instructional video on youtube, a large dancing floor in the girls room, and daily practice sessions (for three months) the Chase Ladies learned the 5-minute version of the Thriller Dance to Michael Jackson’s classic jam.  Even Mom got in on the action. The fact that she had a sore hip was nothing once the beat started and the twitching began. I will admit: the Punch-Punch-Punch-Down part is a bit daunting… but with a little practice, she delivered with precision and dignity (plus a bit of Zombification)

The Video we used had a word for every single movement in the entire dance.  This was so helpful with the learning curve, because once you knew which movement went with which word, you could practice it while you were falling asleep at night: just saying the words over and over.  Of course, Chases don’t do anything small, and once you get us started on something, it’s nearly impossible to get us to move on.  It’s inevitable that once somebody mentions “swim together, swim jump”, somebody else has to add “it’s-a-shuffle-back-hop-hop-forward” and someone else shouts “turn-look, stare stare” from the other room.

Now that we’ve put in all the work of learning the dance, we preform it wherever possible. From the rocks of Lake Michigan, to the parking lot of a restaurant, the Chase Ladies have brought Thriller all over the midwest. (by Midwest, I mean Michigan and Indiana mostly) (and, in Indiana… mostly just the Fort Wayne area) (and by mostly, I mean nearly entirely)  I will warn you: if you are throwing a party (or a wedding) in the near future, and you plan on having some dancing, make sure to add Thriller to the list. Once the beat starts, the twitches follow… and where there are twitches, there are bound to be a roar-turn or two.