Bethany started dance yesterday.

Since then, she’s been prancing, spinning (excuse me, I mean “push turn”-ing), stretching, and giggling at every opportunity. If you look at her, she cracks a grin and asks if you’ve seen her do the ballet positions yet.

She will be ten next week.

Bethany was born my first year of dance. I can’t believe it’s been so long! I vividly remember the day we bought our leotards & shoes (and wore them around for a couple hours afterwards because they were just that cool).  Every time we got back from a lesson, we’d push the toys out of the way in the red room and show the fam what we’d learned. We didn’t have music – we sang the song ourselves. (I suppose I can humor Bethany next time she begs me to watch her practice her bar work or her push-turns… at least she has the music) It wouldn’t have been such a strange thing, except that the song was in Swahili.  (I remember telling mom “It’s like the song All Creatures of Our God and King”… except with different words and music) (I was a very articulate child).

Marta was in my class our first year of dance. She wasn’t old enough, but she was too shy to be alone in a class. Too shy. Have you met Marta? She’s come out of her shell a little since then. Just a little.  She was the shortest in the class BY FAR and had a cute round face… but she kept up with us, alright. Marta and I practiced our dance so often, that Lyndie (who at the time was only 3) learned it and could do it with us (she did it mirror image, though)  We have a video somewhere… maybe we’ll dig it out.

It’s amazing how much can change in 10 years. Now Marta & I have both moved on from dance, and Lyndie (who is starting her first year of teaching dance this year) and Bethany have taken our rolls. I admit, sheepishly… they’re both much better than I was at that first dance class. (I was as coordinated as I was articulate back then… but that’s a whole nother story)