Grammy bought us a plastic doll house when I was 8. That was 15 years ago.

Let’s take a moment to let the fact that I’m so old sink in.

Ok, moment over.

Well, 15 years does a lot to a plastic doll house – especially when it’s in a house full of girls. There was a hole in the kitchen floor (a very large hole), one wall fell out, the corners of the house were disconnected from the roof, the entire attic roof broke, and Bethany’s family was living in the barn.  Duct tape (although functional) lowers property values even in a dollhouse neighborhood.

Bethany and Lyndie knew something should be done. They had a meeting of the minds and decided that there was only one solution: Dad would have to make them a new one.  Dad liked the idea, but gave them one stipulation: they had to draw out VERY detailed blueprints (I think he figured that they would lose interest before the blueprints were done and he would be off the hook) Those girls must have been motivated – they practically worked overnight and busted out a dag-gone sweet set of blueprints. Dad had gotten himself into this mess… so he (being the wonderful, loving father that he is) lived up to his part of the deal.  The pieces were all cut out by the time I moved home from camp (beginning of June) and the painting and decorating began.

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this: they planned and painted all summer. Stenciling, detailing, designing furniture, making curtains, and laying carpet. Dad assembled the dollhouse, which sent the two of them into plans for the outside of the house.  Bethany couldn’t think of (or talk about) anything else. Lyndie’s face would beam as she outlined her designs. It was so fun to watch 🙂

Well, folks – the house is done. It is 3 feet tall, wide, long, and deep. This thing is massive… but very beautiful. Each room has been designed with a specific dollhouse character in mind. I believe they will be moving furniture in tomorrow.

Makes me wonder… why didn’t I think of that?