They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worth a thousand and 3. Three very important words. “Do Not Eat”

Dear Cookies,

Why must you mock me? From across the kitchen, I spot you: a shiny silver platter, full of delicious, peanut-buttery, chocolaty, granola-y culinary delights. I spot the tray and I leap across the kitchen… just one. That’s all I need. One will get me through.

Then, the sign. Three words. Written in pen. No eraser in the world could erase these painful, cruel marks. They are permanent… and they are on the cookies. “Do Not Eat”. I freeze, dumbfounded. I try to choke back the tears. The cookies – so beautiful, so delicious, so nearby… yet those three words stand as a giant brick wall between us.

I begin to plot: maybe if I take one from the center, and then rearrange. Nobody will know. I can fix the plastic… put everything back so you can’t tell that one is missing. I reach over, flirting with the idea… then I freeze. I know the truth: one cookie leads to another. They’re like Lays potato chips or Almonds… you CAN’T just eat one.  So I take a step back. I feel like Indiana Jones, stepping back from the treasure… because I know that if I even touch it, I will be smashed by a giant rock, or speared with shards of glass. I know better, unfortunately.

On the outside, I’m sure I appeared very self controlled as I stepped from the kitchen. On the inside, however… I know the truth. There’s a whole box of cookies in the freezer… and there’s no sign on them.