Well, folks… I made it! First week at my first “grown up” job is DONE! Spent most of the week in front of a computer screen learning about CPAP machines, fire extinguishers, good P.R., COPD and many other delightful (and random) things. Next week, I get to spend some time shadowing and learning my new “real” job. I’m thrilled. Not that I haven’t enjoyed 8-hours in front of a computer that seems to have an endless supply of information for me to memorize… about every 1/2 hour, one of my new co-workers would peek in and express their condolences over my pain.  They all understand: they had to do it too. I got about 10 high-fives when I announced that I had completed my 61st (and final) test. Still, It will be nice to see, interact with, and get to know a few more people in the office.  I’m also just chomping at the bit to sit behind the receptionist desk. (Look out, in about a month, all I’ll want is to get away from the blessed thing).

In spite of the long information-packed hours (during which time my eye developed a twitch) (don’t worry, it’s gone now), God has shown me mercy and given me many things to be grateful for.  Coffee, a job, new friends, old friends, coffee, encouraging words, a one-hour lunch break and… did I say coffee yet? (Seriously, I’m going to need to whiten my teeth one a week at this rate. Maybe I’ll see if I can just get an IV drip… that would keep my teeth from getting stained. Hmm… I’ll have to work on that).

It’s been great getting to come home after work, too. It sounds like a small thing, but for someone who has only spent a weekend here and there with my biggest fans (and greatest supporters) it’s a HUGE blessing to get to see them EVERY DAY.  They (my parents, for those of you who may not be paying attention) are a wonderful encouragement to me… and two of the wisest people I’ve ever met. I am very blessed.

(yes, mom, I know you read my blog. I’m serious. You are amazing, I appreciate you, and I love you.)

Well, I’ve got a lot of sleeping to do, and a nice long weekend to enjoy. Happy 4th of July! Have fun, and be safe (especially with matches, lighters, fire crackers, bottle rockets and what not)

Peace out.