Dear Hippo,

I apologize for not writing last night. Too much to do. You know how vacation is.

Yesterday, we boarded a small boat and went through the Soo Locks…. to our dismay, the captain was not young (otherwise, you can BET there would have been at least one picture of Marta with him 🙂 He did, however, bring his grandchildren to help drive the boat.  During our journey, we spotted one of the largest boats that passes through the great lakes – it was only a few feet away (in a different lock, though. there wouldn’t have been room w/ us and the other boat).  It was amazing to watch the power the water had: able to lift so many thousands of pounds of metal. Watching the ships gave me a better picture of the  Edmond Fitzgerald and a better idea of why the loss of that ship was such a shock.

We crossed the bridge (poor Marta slept the whole time) Once we arrived at the hotel, we were given a FREE pass to a nearby waterpark where we baked in the sauna, froze in the pool, and had buckets and buckets of water dumped on us.  To my surprise, I saw a couple of familiar faces from camp. It was a nice surprise 🙂

Today, we spent the majority of the day at Michilimackinac where the boys learned to march and the girls to cook.  We all learned how to play old-school lacross (which had been used as a diversion when the Indians decided to ambush and take capture of the fort), dance and trade pelts. We also had the opportunity to watch a reenactment of a period-accurate wedding. It must be noted that I NEARLY got to dance with a rather attractive Priest.  That sent tongues a-wagging among the numerous teenage girls on our trip.  Taylor, however, rescued me (much to my relief).  We left the old fort exhausted – many of the ladies slept in the car during our 3 hour drive to our next hotel. I can’t believe we only have 2 days left. Time has gone by so fast!

See you soon,