Dear Hippo,

Lake Superior is the most violent of the five great lakes.  Hundreds of boats had been shipwrecked on the rocky shore we visited today.  We went to a museum and heard the horrors of storms, collisions and horrible accidents. Photos, and stories from the survivors were haunting.  I can’t imagine how terrifying this shore is during a storm. Huge waves, strong winds, blinding rain.  Then – the lighthouse. A strong beam of light that shoots across the sky – warning of danger, and helping guide the way. A beam of hope.

Today? No fierce waves. No hail or snow.  Just sunshine. Beautiful sunshine. The water was calm enough for us to skip rocks.  The beach was quiet enough to lay down on the warm rocks and take a catnap.  Amazing how light changes everything.

We also visited Tequanamon Falls (say that 3 times fast). Dirty brown water that flowed at a dangerous speed over sharp rocks. Grace told us how the falls came about (it is a long complicated story that involves rock-eating fish, and a bear that runs on water), and Carter and Colson swatted bugs off of the ladies heads. We successfully conquered nearly 200 stair steps (down, and then 200 steps up again).  The buns were a-burnin’.  A nap was in order between the falls and the hotel… followed by a long soak in the hot tub. Now… we’re going to farkle ’till it hurts 🙂

Please behave.