That’s right! Toki has delivered 8 beautiful baby bunnies.  Half have a dark complexion like their father (Shadow) and half have very pink skin (I assume to take after their mother).  Their ears are teeny tiny and pressed up against their heads. At day 2 they are already growing some adorable peach fuzz.  They have big round bellies thanks to Toki’s good mothering skills.

At this point, they sleep most of the day so Laura and I try to keep things as quiet as possible. They sleep in the lovely nest created by their mother – all curled together as a big warm ball. Sometimes they cry to let Toki know that they need food, and she tends to them quickly and affectionately.

Toki eats twice as much now as before, and drinks 2 or 3 water bottles in the course of an afternoon.  She won’t venture more than a few yards from the nest and returns to check on the babies on a regular basis. Such a good mommy 🙂

While we are proud of the new additions to Michindoh’s family, we ask that any visitors wait to see them for at least a week. Toki gets nervous any time someone comes over, and we want to make sure she can focus fully on the 8 lovely babies she brought into the world.

We’re so excited – and  you can BELIEVE that I will be faithfully uploading photos as they grow.