Chases love ice cream. My earliest memories involve being “punished” on Sundays with a bowl of ice cream. Besides learning the value of chocolate syrup, the question “Is this a weesonable amount of peanut butter?” is one of the first phrases many of us Chases learned. If it was a half gallon of Ice Cream, Dad would pull out a knife and give us “Ice Cream Slices” – the size of ice cream slice varied on the number of people that were sitting around the table (one of the only times I encouraged siblings to go to friend’s houses for lunch).  There was a time we went with Dad for his underwater hockey games just because he promised us a Frosty on the way home (delicious). Sad as this may sound, I distinctly remember the day we tried Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream – as well as when Walmart changed their ice cream buckets from circles to squares.

Today, the Chases started a new tradition in Ice Cream. Dad splurged and got “flavored” ice cream from Kroger. Death by Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Caramel Chunks and Mint Chocolate Chip.  In 10 minutes, we had finished off 2 gallons of ice cream… and it was wonderful.

Yeah, I’m lactose intolerant… but ice cream at home is well worth a little discomfort.  (that, and Lactaid is a wonderful thing.)