I should be dead.

Wow, what a way to start out a blog post.

That’s the truth, though: I should not be here anymore.

I should have been in a car accident today.

A bad one.

No, it wouldn’t have been my fault: the idiot car unexpectedly swerved in front of me. Maybe I didn’t technically use proper procedure when I swerved to miss him: loosing control, spinning out and sliding to a stop in the muddy ditch on the other side of the road. That usually means you did something wrong.

Somehow, I didn’t hit the car.

Somehow, I wasn’t smashed by the bus that was driving behind me.

Somehow, even after missing the two moving vehicles, I still was spared from hitting the tree in the ditch. Spared by an inch.

I started to breathe again when the car came to a stop. My shaking hands slowly opened the door and I stepped into the thick mud with my high heels.  I didn’t know how, I didn’t know why: I was alive, and camp’s car was fine.

The car that I had nearly hit was nowhere in sight, but the bus had pulled to the side of the road. A man came from the bus and met me half way up the steep hill. He asked if I was ok, and I mumbled back “That wasn’t my fault, was it?” He handed me his card and said he would be a witness if the insurance company needed one.

“Hillsdale College” Those words from the business card stuck out to me. The bus was from my town.

He asked if I needed a phone, but I told him I had one. He walked back to the bus as I searched for a number to call.

I looked through my mirror at the Hillsdale College bus as the door opened again, and a stream of baseball players piled out and started to walk toward my car. They announced, as they surrounded my car, that they were going to push me out of the ditch.

I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, or shout for joy as they easily pushed my car free of the mud.  Almost before I could thank them, they piled back into the bus and were on their way.

Thanks, Jesus, for sparing my life. Thanks for guiding my hands and the car and keeping us both from injury. Thanks for your perfect timing, and for how often you’ve saved me from disaster.  Thank you, that even though I’m a sinful and wicked person, that YOU love, forgive, and protect me. Thanks, also, for the Hillsdale College Baseball Team and help them win their game.