Sunshine and fresh air.

Two things I have missed over our many months of frozenness.

On Wednesday, when I first heard about the impending 80 degree weather, I was skeptical, at best. It wasn’t until our departure for Church that I first believed it might be true.

It’s funny what happens to the world when there is such an unexpectedly nice day.  Everyone seems to believe, just for a few short hours, that it is summer once again. They peal down to their smallest pieces of clothing and find a sunny place to sit and “work on their tan”.  Some even fire up the old lawn mower and take some practice runs at their lawn. Best case scenario is that they might turn a slightly darker shade of pale… or perhaps, those less fortunate, will lay out all day and arrive to work the next day a smashing shade of hot pink.

Even the grass dresses extra special for the occasion – turning the brightest shade of green possible to fully take advantage of the day.

Now, I’m not making fun of the sun bathers. I’m currently enjoying the sun from the middle of a field with a very excited and over stimulated Toki (who, I think, is imagining herself in the wild jungle. She first sneaks up on her prey (the bright green grass) and then leaps upon it, unexpectedly, and tears into it with her oh-so-sharp bunny/dinosaur teeth.)

We’re trying to ignore the reality of the impending forecast of thunderstorms and 60 degree weather. For the next hour or so, we’re going to enjoy this lovely summer (in the middle of April) day and perhaps tomorrow everyone will be jealous of my tan. (or not)

Thanks, God, for this nice gift 🙂

Ok, we’re READY for summer!