The living room seems so quiet. Everything is so calm, organized, and clean.


It’s not that the house is usually louder. In fact, the noise level is quite normal for this part of the week. It’s just that the silence is emphasized.  You see, I’m missing 4 very loud people. Since Friday, my house has been filled to the brim with the fabulous Chase Sisters (Marta, Maria, Lyndie and Bethany)

You may have never been fortunate enough to experience “Chase Sister Togetherness” so, let me fill you in: it is insanity. Over the mere 2 days that they were, though the rain tried to keep us inside, the house was literally busting with activity and laughter. Somewhere between two 3D puzzles, 3 miles around the lake, bunny-shaped marshmallows,  a berry-chocolate Pake, and an entire season of Adventures In Odyssey, we managed 8 hours of sleep a night and at least 3 meals a day. I believe that may be a record.

Poor Toki did not take too kindly to our adventures. Every once in a while she rang her bell, telling us she wanted attention. When we opened her cage to let her out, she realized exactly what she had agreed to (5 crazy one-eighth norwegians) and would spend the next several hours cowering in the corner of her cage (similar to when a certain family member brought home his college roommate). When we finally coaxed her to leave her solace she darted for the nearest piece of furniture and hid under it. I guess she just isn’t cut out to be a full-blooded Chase.

Makes me hope our first sister-in-law has a strong constitution. She won’t know what she’s in for until she’s in with both feet.  AND, if she somehow handles normal life at our house, just wait until Thanksgiving. The shenanigans only grow exponentially with the arrival of each extended family member.

Now, here all alone: the dryer and the radio on to keep me company. Counting down the days to my next visit home (5 days!) and the weeks to my long-expected move to that beloved house (9 weeks!)

Thank you, Jesus, for my wonderful, lively, giggly sisters. I am blessed beyond words.